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About Our Staff - Summer Youth Institute
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About Our Staff

The Summer Youth Institute staff help provide a full experience for young adults who want to change their communities. Our desire for the staff is to walk along students and help guide them as they think about new ideas. Staff members help develop and conduct workshops for students and to help them develop their community projects over the course of the two weeks.
We are looking for a diverse group of people who have experience with community organizing and youth  to serve as staff for SYI 2012. If you are interested in serving on staff, please see Work with Us.

Melody’s Testimonial: “Working with the Summer Youth Institute, its staff, and students has been the highlight of my last two summers. Watching a group of very diverse high school students from across the state come together to grow as a group and learn from one another is awe inspiring. The depth and variety of knowledge and experience provided by SYI staff and counselors act as excellent resources for the students. To see students take what they’ve learned throughout the program and use it to create meaningful change within their communities is exactly what SYI is about.”

Jake’s Testimonial:
 “Change doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a group of committed individuals with the resources, skills, and energy to turn their vision into reality. The group at SYI has that potential. I cherished the opportunity to work with this group of young leaders who share a passion for improving their communities and state. Seeing their growth over the course of SYI has given me tremendous hope for the future.”
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